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Ext JS Interface Design

Ext is a JavaScript library for building interactive web applications using techniques such as Ajax, DHTML and DOM scripting. It is a cross-browser JavaScript library for building rich internet applications. It includes:

  • — High performance, customizable UI widgets
  • — Well designed and extensible Component model
  • — An intuitive, easy to use API
  • — Commercial and Open Source licenses available

GUI controls

Ext includes a set of GUI-based form controls (or "widgets") for use within web applications:

  • — text field and textarea input controls
  • — date fields with a pop-up date-picker
  • — list box and comboboxes
  • — radio and checkbox controls
  • — html editor control
  • — grid control (with both read-only and edit modes, sortable data, lockable and draggable columns, and a variety of other features)
  • — tree control
  • — tab panels
  • — toolbars
  • — desktop application-style menus
  • — region panels to allow a form to be divided into multiple sub-sections
  • — sliders
  • — flash charts

Many of these controls are able to communicate with a web server using Ajax.

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Source: Wikipedia
URL: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ext_(JavaScript_library)